Pro Testosterone Reviews (February 2017)

Let’s face it. You are approaching your normal one day routine when it hits you like a lead weight. You are burnt out on feeling along these lines. You are disappointed with the gym. You need to recover your old self. You need to

Legend Bells

Onnit Legend Bell Review 2016 Alright, before I get started on this review, check out the quick video below which will give a little introduction to what Onnit Legend Bells are! So, we all know that kettlebell workouts are super intense, but Onnit is

Steel Clubs

Onnit Steel Clubs Review 2016 So, you’re looking to increase your strength, core power and balance? Well honestly, there is probably no better way to achieve that then using steel clubs! These pieces of fitness equipment have been around for centuries, and were used

Steel Mace

Onnit Steel Mace Review 2016   Whilst exercise and physical activity is essential when it comes to general health, fitness, and overall well-being, many of you will probably agree that doing the same exercises using the same equipment, week in and week out quickly

Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit Kettlebell Review 2016   Exercise, health, sports, and fitness is changing, almost evolving right before our eyes, and as a result, so too is the equipment being used on a daily basis. Whereas in the past, in order to workout, all that many

Chocofree Metabolate

  Learn More and Buy Chocofree Metabolate:  Chocofree Metabolate Review – A Healthy Chocolate, or What? A Little Background of Chocolate, its Benefits and Disadvantages Being one of the most highly consumed and admired products of the world, it’s hard to get away with chocolate.


Onnit EGN Review 2017 Taking care of ourselves and looking after our bodies is a crucial component of everyday life, yet unfortunately not enough of us are doing so. Instead, we’re binging on unhealthy foods and drinks, not getting enough exercise, are making poor

Stron Bone and Joint

Stron Bone and Joint Review 2016 So, there is something that people usually overlook in their fitness goals. Especially when they are going about taking care of their bodies, working out and living in a stressful life style. What is this I am talking

Total Primate Care (March 2017)

Onnit Total Primate Care Review 2017 (Onnit TPC) Have you heard of Total Human Optimization (THO) before? Maybe? Well, that is the desired outcome of using Onnit products. Basically, it’s using the benefits of natural supplements to become the best YOU possible. It’s about