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Featured Onnit Supplements

T-Plus (T+) Total Strength and Performance

T-Plus (T+) Total Strength and Performance
Onnit T-Plus (T+) A stimulant-free pre-workout formula designed to improve athletic performance, increase strength & power and assist with muscle

TPC Total Primate Care

TPC Total Primate Care
TPC Total Primate Care is a complete re-imagining of the daily “all-in-one” supplement. Containing many of our proprietary flagship formulas

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain
Alpha BRAIN may help you remember names and places, focus on complex tasks, and improve your mental speed in response

New Mood

New Mood
Great for unwinding after a long day at work, or helping erase occasional daily stresses. New MOOD is like a

Stron Bone and Joint

Stron Bone and Joint
Onnit Stron Bone contains Strontium, which is a key mineral that naturally occurs in the bones, but only recently has

EGN Earth Grown Nutrients

EGN Earth Grown Nutrients
EGN is a nutrient-dense combination of some of the world’s most renowned natural ingredients. Consuming a highly varied diet of

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Best Onnit Supplements

Onnit originally founded in 2010 by Aubrey Marcus, a lifelong multi-sport athlete graduate from the University of Richmond. Since its founding, Onnit has become one of the most well-known providers of nutritional supplements combinations in the health industry.

Onnit aims to help customers get closer to their best physical performance potential by offering supplements and workout solutions backed up by peer-reviewed research. The full package of what Onnit offers customers through performance supplements, nutrition plans, physical exercise equipment and general health education represents what it refers to as the Total Human Optimization project.

Onnit develops many of its supplements by gathering insight from both medical practitioners and high performance athletes from around the world. By asking health and fitness professionals, what kinds of products could best serve the purposes of searching of athletes and physical activity enthusiasts, new product concepts that match the needs of the market can be born alongside developing research.

All of Onnit’s products are made with natural nutrients, which should please you if you’re not a big fan of including laboratory-engineered toxic waste in your meal plans. The following are some of the best-reviewed performance enhancing supplements that the company has developed and released over the years.

Alpha Brain (Most Popular)

Alpha Brain was originally released in July 2011 as Onnit’s flagship product. Alpha brain is designed to improve your cognitive processing speed, focus and memory recall.

The product is recommended for use in a diverse variety settings, from athletic competitions to high-priority projects at work. Whether your goal is become better at building a complex business proposition or dunking on the guy who keeps fouling you when he thinks nobody notices, Alpha Brain’s ideal effect is to keep you dead-set on achieving that goal without the interference of any other unnecessary trains of thought in the heat of the moment.

The claims of Alpha Brain’s efficiency have been substantiated by clinical studies designed to compare its alleged effects to the placebo effect. The results of two double-blind clinical trial at the Boston Center for Memory demonstrated that Alpha Brain produced superior enhancements to brain wave patterns, memory, and focus maintenance.

Alpha Brain is made with a blend of natural ingredients including oat straw, cat’s claw, bacopa and huperzia serrata. Cat’s claw is an antioxidant and immuno-boosting agent, oat’s straw reduces neurological fatigue, bacopa possesses adaptogenic properties, and huperzia serrata is an AchE inhibitor that allows the brain maintain a higher acetylcholine level. The natural ingredients composing alpha brain are free of stimulants, so there’s no need to worry about getting the jitters from overstimulation.

Total Primate Care


Total Primate Care (TPC) is made up of a team minerals, vitamins, herbs, and amino acids intended to act an all-in-one booster for cognitive sharpness, emotional stability, immune system strength and bone toughness. By combining a high variety of flagship health formulas into one package, the product is intended to serve you as a concentrated dose of diverse wellness-benefiting reactions in an instant.

The supplement is designed to help you circumvent the shortcomings of other all-in-one supplements that lack a clearly targeted approach. Some of Onnit’s targeted formulas in TPC include Stron Bon, ViruTech, New Mood, Alpha Brain, and Shroom Tech Sport. Key natural ingredients composing TPC’s collective formulas include krill oil, spirulina, chlorella, and various immuno-boosting herbs. All TPC orders are organized into packages intended for daytime use and nighttime use.

New Mood

New Mood is one of Onnit’s best-received stress-management supplements. The supplement’s stress fighting effects comes from its facilitation of target neurotransmitters that have been clinically linked to chemical reactions behind feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

The main neurotransmitter that New Mood supports is serotonin. Serotonin has a well-documented level of influence on the frequency and resilience of our positive emotions. Even though pure serotonin can’t just be injected right into the brain, New Mood sidesteps this limitation by providing the basic building blocks that naturally build it up: 5-HTP and L-tryptophan. Double-blind clinical trial results demonstrated that 5-HTP had a more significant effect on healthy mood balance then placebo administration in 69% of participants.

In addition to 5-HTP and L-tryptophan, New Mood also houses a helpful team of nutritious B-vitamins and herbs. The herbs in New Mood include Valerian root extract, lemon balm leaf extract, chamomile flower extract and jujube seed extract. Clinical trial results demonstrated Valerian root can produce notable stress reduction effect without inhibiting alertness.

Shroom Tech Immune

Shroom Tech Immune was developed to give your immune system a better fighting chance against things that could take it out of commission and hurt your performance quality. By providing a little bit of extra strength of the immune system, Shroom Tech Immune can put your body in a better position to recover and exert itself without as much risk of getting dragged down by harmful microscopic invaders.

This supplement is based on the action of a specially designed blend of mushrooms. Onnit refers to the collective effect of the mushrooms building up Shroom Tech Immune as “Immune Assist”. Immune Assist was the subject of a number of clinical applications to verify its value, but long before that, the system-bolstering benefits of mushrooms have already been well-documented for centuries.

Mushrooms contain polysaccharides with a high molecular weight that gives them the ability to jump-start your B-cells, T-cells, and other powerful agents of the body’s immune system response.

The mushroom blend making up this supplement’s Immune Assist effort are joined by a joint effort of Chaga mushroom, turmeric, ginger root, oregano leaf, astragalus root and lemon peel.

Shroom Tech Sport

Shroom Tech Sport was designed to power your body up with a more generous level of cellular vitality and cardio endurance. This product was the result of Onnit’s project to create a new food-based supplement that athletes and physical activity enthusiasts alike could use for clean energy on a daily basis.

In addition to a higher reservoir of energy, the Shroom Tech Sport formula also facilitates a host of general health benefits as well. The effect of the supplement is activated through increased ATP production, a far healthier form of energy production than pure stimulant dosing. By facilitating ATP production, the body’s extra energy is simply based on more efficient oxygen use. Better oxygen utilization raises your performance potential while improving recovery quality at the same time.

Ingredients making up Shroom Tech Sport include cordyceps sinensis, ashwagandha, rhodiola, methyl B-12, green tea extract, astragalus, and chromium.


Virutech is another supplement that was designed to make your immune system into a stronger fighting force. In addition to bolstering the immune system, Virutech is also been specially formulated to facilitate a stronger antioxidant response as well.

By both boosting the defensive power of the immune system and fostering stronger antioxidant responses, taking the supplement can ideally make your body both more resistant to sickness and capable of much better recovery. By cutting down on the oxidation that follows heavy lifting and running sessions, your punished muscles won’t be as painfully swollen on the following day.

While it is an immune system booster like Shroom Tech Immune, Virutech is a compound-based supplement, not a food-based one. ViruTech can safely be taken in conjunction with Shroom Tech Immune for a combined, all-inclusive immune system boosting effect. The ingredients making up ViruTech include quercetin, l-lysine, alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamin C, selenium, and zinc.


DigesTech is intended to boost your body’s quality and quantity of nutrient intake. In addition to helping your body make the best use of its nutrients, DigesTech is also intended to help your body cut down on the factors that interfere with proper digestion. This supplement is essentially an “Out with the bad, in with the good” solution that your stomach will thank you for.

DigesTech operates with a combination of targeted digestive enzymes. The supplement naturally multiplies the enzymes that your stomach can make use of to the break down the nutrients in everything that you eat. By accelerating the food breakdown process, there is much less of an opportunity for bloating to cause you distress. While breaking the food down faster, the enzyme combination of the supplement gives you greater pound-for-pound value from the things that are being digested.

The core trio of enzymes composing Digestech are a protease, amylase, and lipase. These three enzymes are specially targeted to take care of the major macronutrients that we need to function at our best: proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats. The protease enzyme facilitates higher protein production while clearing out undigested proteins, amylase breaks down unused glucose for energy conversion, and lipase breaks down dietary fat like fatty triglycerides into an absorption-ready monoglyceride form.

Brain Master Pack

The Brain Master power pack includes Alpha brain, New Mood, MCT Oil, and Krill oil. Alpha brain is included for all-purpose cognitive enhancement, New Mood provides support on the emotional wellness and stress-reduction front, MCT Oil optimizes the brain’s utilization of dietary fat for better processing power, and Omega-3-rich Krill oil assists in building up better memory recall.

Ultimate Workout Power Pack

The Ultimate Workout Power Pack includes Total Strength + Performance – Strawberry Lemonade, Shroom Tech Sport, and Hemp Force Active. The Hemp Force Active inclusion provides a shot of vital protein for restoring the muscles more thoroughly after they’ve broken down from intense activity, Shroom Tech Sport provides higher energy and endurance, and Total Strength + Performance raises the ceiling on your body’s overall capacity for strength improvement. You’ll be able to work harder, recover faster, and make your potential for results better.


The value that supplements can offer you will naturally depend on your personal fitness goals, so be sure to make sure that your goals align with what your supplement of choice is designed to help you accomplish. Remember No matter what supplements we may take, in the end, our progress will come down to how hard we are willing to work to make progress.


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