6 Supplements You Can Take That Will Give You More Energy and Better Sleep


With today’s ‘on the go’ lifestyle, energy supplements can be a necessary part of your daily routine. Let’s take a dive in, but before we go too far, we need to understand why you’re feeling tired and craving more energy in the first place.

Sometimes, you just didn’t get enough sleep the night before. But chronic fatigue is something completely different. Feeling tired chronically is your bodies way of telling you that your cells are missing something.

Energy Supplements – Getting That Extra Kick You Need

Optimen Onnit

Multivitamins – Taking a good quality multivitamin, making sure you are well hydrated, and getting a good night’s sleep is sometimes all it takes to kick that sluggish tired feeling.

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Caffeine – Contrary to popular belief, caffeine is not actually the best energy booster. It can give you a quick fix and make you feel more mentally and physically alert but it causes a stress response and stimulates your adrenal glands, which over a long period of time will wear you out and make you even more tired.

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Melatonin is a key hormone that directly impacts your quality of sleep. Being exposed to bright lights (tv or computer) in the hours before bed, or having too much light present while you are sleeping will disrupt your natural melatonin production. Supplementing melatonin before you go to bed can help you get a deeper sleep and feel much more rested when you wake up in the morning.

Vitamin B12 is another vitamin that can have a huge effect on your natural energy levels. Every cell in your body requires B12 for energy metabolism. Adding a vitamin B12 supplement can be a great way to get that extra energy kick during the day. It also helps to regulate sleep patterns and taking it consistently can drastically improve your sleep quality.

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Alpha Brain contains Oat Straw

Oat Straw Extract, also know as Avena Sativa, is an energy supplement that has been used to increase cognitive function since the middle ages. It is said to work in two ways. First, by increasing blood flow to the brain and making you feel more alert. And secondly, studies have reported that it increases alpha-2 brain waves, which are more prominent during waking hours. It comes with some great side effects including increased libido, reduced anxiety and depression, and reduced risk of heart disease.

Rhodiola – Another great supplement to boost your energy is Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola works by increasing your red blood cells natural ability to carry oxygen, making it very effective at increasing energy, vitality, and stamina. It has been used in European countries for years to increase energy, improve attention span, improve memory, general strength and vitality. It has also been proven to help with depression and assist with weight loss.

Ginseng is another ancient supplement, used as a natural energy booster. It helps to increase metabolism and circulation, bringing more blood and oxygen to your brain to make you feel more awake and alert. Ginseng can be used as a quick fix to get a nice energy boost, or can be taken daily as a long term solution to increasing your overall energy levels. Taken long term it can help keep your hormones balanced, and reduce signs of aging and stress.

Final Thoughts

Try adding in one of these great energy supplements to your daily routine to get that extra kick you need. You can’t go wrong since they all have great side benefits to all that extra energy you’ll have! If you’re tempted to try a testosterone supplement, make sure you read this review first!

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