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This Alpha Brain Review will take a look at this high quality supplement. It is made by a company called Onnit and the supplement itself is well known across America as being one of the top nootropic stack supplements around. This supplement is intended for those who wish to enhance their brain capabilities and is most suited to beginner to intermediate supplement users.

What Exactly Is Alpha Brain?

As mentioned, Alpha Brain is a supplement that can help to improve your brain’s ability to focus. Its main function is to send more oxygen and vital nutrients to the brain and in turn, this improves memory function. Whilst there are a few other products on the market claiming to do this, Alpha Brain is the one that does it the most effectively.   The outcome of using Alpha Brain frequently and as directed is noticeable improvement in focus, memory and brain energy. You will probably notice other benefits too. This supplement belongs to a group of supplements known as ‘stacks’. A stack supplement is made up of multiple supplements that work together to create a combined effect.

What Does Alpha Brain Contain?

The main compound of Alpha Brain is Alpha GPC, which consists of vinpocetine and choline. Together, these ingredients help to regulate the flow of blood to the brain. Another compound found in this supplement is Huperzine, which is paramount to stop the breakdown of acetylcholine to help the brain to function as well as possible. You need to take 1 or 2 of these tablets each day for them to be effective.

What Makes This Supplement So Superior?

One of the main benefits of choosing this supplement over any others is that it combines so many compounds that work together that you wont need to take any other supplement with it for it to be effective. Onnit boasts to be the provider of the most balanced nootropic brain supplement on the market. This company also prides itself on only using natural and high quality ingredients, which have been proven to have strong powers to improve the brain’s activity. Although Alpha Brain may cost a little more to purchase than other supplements, but this nootropic is of a much higher quality and has a much better track record than most other nootropics on the market. If you are serious about improving cognitive functions such as your focus, energy, memory and even IQ, then it is definitely worth spending a little more on this high quality and effective supplement. There are some things that Alpha Brain does not include however. If you would like to further enhance the functionality of your brain, then you should consider combining another supplement with it to enjoy more enhanced benefits once you have got used to using this nootropic. Another kind of supplement that has a lot of scientific merit when it comes to increasing brain focus and energy is called racetams. This supplement is not combined with Alpha Brain so you can take it in addition to that supplement.

Alpha Brain – The effects for myself were immediate. This is NOT a Placebo. My dose consists of one pill a day. I must confess that I’m a little wary of taking more then that as my dreams are almost too long to be consisdered sleep. I wake feeling completely refreshed every time. The major thing that I noticed is that when I go to do anything on my list to do’s, the internal dialogue of man I’m tired, or that sucks or any of that draining mental hogwash it is not there. Its “Ive got something to do, Do it”. This is more then what I have thought it was going to be. Can anyone say Limitless. – Isaac Hurysz

What Benefits Can You Expect To Gain From Using Alpha Brain?

With all the compounds that Alpha Brain is made up of, you can enjoy a good range of benefits when you take it frequently. It interacts with different areas of your brain so you will notice improvement in different forms.
  • Sleep Better – You will be able to reach a new level of calmness with Alpha Brain thanks to the ingredients in the supplement that fight stress and anxiety. You will find that relaxing becomes easier and if you have trouble sleeping, once you start taking Alpha Brain, you’ll find that you will be able to sleep more deeply and for longer.
  • Better Memory – Acetylcholine is an important chemical to have in your brain if you want a good memory so the Alpha GPC compound in this supplement is a welcome ingredient. You will end up with higher levels of acetylcholine, which will improve your memory and with that your ability to learn new things.
  • Stay Focused – Each ingredient in this supplement works towards helping your brain to focus better on activities. Functions such as increasing the blood flow to the brain and providing the brain with more oxygen helps to improve the brain’s focus.
  • Lucid Dreams – Although this is not necessarily something that you may consciously desire to do, lucid dreaming can give us more control over our thoughts and dreams. Instead of having nightmares or irrational dreams, Alpha Brain can equip you with the better brain health that you need to be able to train your brain to lucid dream.

How Does Alpha Brain Work?

Of course, you’re probably wondering how a simple looking capsule could possibly help your brain to work better and some people even wonder just what’s happening in their bodies for supplements to be so effective. Well the reason why Alpha Brain, and indeed other supplements like it are so effective is because they are stacked. The various compounds of chemicals and ingredients that are included in the supplement have been specially chosen because they work together to produce an overall positive result. Positive feedback loops are created as a result of all the ingredients in Alpha Brain working together. One ingredient is included to break down the blood/brain barrier to allow the other ingredients in the supplement to get to the brain to carry out their functions.AJ Hawk Just as the neurotransmitter called dopamine is the chemical in the brain that is responsible for the feel-good sensation that you get from eating certain foods or after running in a race, acetylcholine is another neurotransmitter that is very important in the brain. This one is responsible for storing away thoughts and memories and it is one of the chemicals in the brain that can start to reduce in abundance as we get older. Alpha Brain doesn’t produce acetylcholine but it does use other ingredients, which work together to prevent the breakdown of this essential chemical. As your brain produces more of the neurotransmitter, Alpha Brain will prevent the existing neurotransmitters from being broken down as quickly. This means that your memory function will be greatly improved. Alpha Brain can also promote the production of acetylcholine in the brain with the use of the ingredient, choline.

How To Use Alpha Brain

Something that you will love about Alpha Brain is the simplicity of its use. Thanks to the way that this capsule has been combined, when you take Alpha Brain, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of the various ingredients and compounds that it contains but you only need to take one capsule to enjoy all the benefits. This makes it cheaper than having to purchase several different supplements and you don’t need to worry about making sure that you’re taking all the supplements that you need to because everything has been included in these small capsules. It is recommended that you choose a set time of the day to take these tablets so that you remember to take them and you should always try to take them with a meal or snack. Take 1 or 2 capsules, or if you weigh more than 200 lbs., it may be a good idea to take 3 capsules instead. If you hope to learn how to lucid dream, you should try to take these capsules before you go to bed. In order to get the benefits of lucid dreaming, try taking the capsules around 4 hours before bedtime so that they have time to get to work. It is not a good idea to take any more than 3 Alpha Brain pills within 24 hours. Remember, this is a supplement that affects your brain so it should be taken with caution. If you want to add more enhancements to your supplement routine, you can still add other supplements such as a racetam supplement like Piracetam.

Is It Safe To Use Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain has been clinically tested and all the ingredients in it are completely natural. It is a high quality supplement that has been carefully developed to offer you plenty of benefits when taken correctly. Of course, you should still follow the guidelines for taking it to ensure that you are completely safe and remember that taking more than 3 capsules in a 24-hour period could be dangerous. The FDA has approved all of the ingredients in the ingredient stack that makes up these capsules. FDA approval is difficult to get and is only given if the product meets certain guidelines for safety, so this supplement is a safe options. You can enjoy fewer side effects with Alpha Brain too in comparison to competing products that contain racetams.


Alpha Brain is a high quality supplement that contains plenty of ingredients to help give your brain multiple benefits. If you want to increase your memory abilities, stay focused, or if you simply want to learn how to lucid dream, you can do so with these capsules. You don’t need to worry about the safety of these capsules as the ingredients are natural and are all approved by the FDA too.

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