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So, you’re looking to increase your strength, core power and balance? Well honestly, there is probably no better way to achieve that then using steel clubs! These pieces of fitness equipment have been around for centuries, and were used in places like Persia to train and condition soldiers and wrestlers. Today we will be looking specifically at Onnit’s steel clubs, which have been getting great reviews lately.  Let’s get into it shall we?  

What are Onnit Steel Clubs?

First off, these steel clubs are made from a single machined piece of steel which is powder coated with a SICK chip resistant matte finish. They chose steel because it’s actually denser than metal and iron, as well as being pretty damn resistant to rust and denting. The finish also makes gripping the club really easy, so you know, you don’t accidentally throw it through your window. These clubs are designed to heavily increase your overall strength as well as core balance. There are so many different movements you can do to work out your body, and all of this will enhance your capabilities through full body exercises.

How Will Onnit Steel Clubs Help My Training?

There are a ton of different methods you can utilize with these clubs. In particular, there are 5 that I want to share with you today.
  • Rehabilitation – If you are looking at rehabbing tendons, joints or small muscles, you should check out the light steel clubs which range from 5 to 10 lbs. With the right workout focusing on balance, the weight of these clubs will help with stabilizing your muscles, help them develop and also help to strengthen all of your key areas.
  • Core Power – You can easily increase your core power by using the numerous transverse plane movements you can learn about in Onnit’s Steel Club training here.
  • Real World Strength – This one is a biggy for me. Why? Well I love benching, and who doesn’t. But lifting hundreds of pounds of weight in a straight line off your chest doesn’t really give you a real world advantage in the strength department. You gotta focus on your shoulders, core and arms, and with some diverse full body movements using these clubs, you will definitely see some gains.
  • Balance – In most sports you tend to favor one side of your body than the other. Using these clubs you can balance out your body by training with your non dominant hand.
  • Grip Strength – If you go for the heavy steel clubs (which range from 15-45lbs), you will greatly increase your forearm and grip strength. It’s all about position baby!

What Size Steel Club Should I Get For Myself?

In general, I will suggest starting out with the lighter weights and slowly but surely moving your way up. I say this out of experience, because utilizing these clubs is honestly way more challenging than using something like a dumbbell. It takes quite a bit of skill and practice, but once you get it down I would suggest moving up the weight. I also suggest using them in pairs if you can manage. Another thing you should consider is what you are trying to train for specifically and your current ability level. If you are going to be using these for rehab purposes, definitely go for the lighter weight ones. If you are a little bit more advanced, I’d suggest going for medium to heavy weight for strength conditioning. Check out the diagram below to see the different weights that are available plus their height. steel clubs review 2014 That about wraps us this review. Overall I would definitely suggest trying one of these steel clubs if you are doing a bit of rehab or strength conditioning!  

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