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So, you want to increase your strength and power output huh? Well today we will be diving into the wonderful stimulant-free pre-workout formula called “T Plus” from Onnit. Well, lets get into it!

What is Onnit T-Plus Exactly?

T+ is a very powerful pre-workout mix that is designed for all athletes, from novice to professional. It has a proprietary formula that is designed to improve athletic performance, assist with muscle recovery and best of all, increase your strength and power. It is made with all-natural earth-grown ingredients including Longjack, Luteolin, and Beta-Alanine. The newly redesigned T+ has an increase from 11 gram serving to a 14 gram serving. Several other ingredients were increased as well as adding Longjack, and plenty of BCAAs!  

Ingredient Features

Onnit T+ now includes Longjack, which is a flowering plant native to Indonesia and it’s known as a bitter charm. To not get all “sciency” on you, Longjack basically has been shown to help your body restore optimal testosterone levels. T Plus Onnit Review Also included is Beta-alanine, which is a non-essential amino acid found naturally in fish. The last key ingredient would be Luteolin. It’s found naturally in lemons, celery, oregano and a lot of other herbs. It’s an anti-oxidant and in general a great anti-inflammatory. Among all these awesome key ingredients, Onnit T+ also includes nettle root extract, red clover

Is T+ Competition Safe?

To keep this answer short… Yes! T+ is certified to contain no banned substances by the BSCG. In fact, many pro athletes such as Casey Williams and Joe Defranco use T+ in their regimen.

Suggested Use and Ingredients

Please check out the diagram below to learn exactly what is in Onnit T+ Total Strength + Performance. Also, it contains the suggested use depending on your current weight. T+ Suggested Use

What I Didn’t Like

As a lot of you may know, or if you are new here to this site, I always try and be completely honest in all of my reviews. So what I didn’t really like about T+ is, like most pre-workouts, is it made me feel a little bit too jittery. Although I can’t really knock T+ specifically, because that’s just what happens to my body no matter what pre-workout I take. So just know that this stuff has a good kick! That about concludes this review. Thanks for reading!  

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