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Have you heard of Total Human Optimization (THO) before? Maybe? Well, that is the desired outcome of using Onnit products. Basically, it’s using the benefits of natural supplements to become the best YOU possible. It’s about optimizing yourself and progressing towards that better someone you want to be. Well, today we will be going over Total Primate Care (TPC) which is an ultimate day and nighttime pack of essential formulas that are going to optimize your health and nutrition. Let’s get into what all is included with this pack.  

What Is Included with Total Primate Care?

256 TPC comes with both a day pack and a night pack. In each pack, there are 2 Spirulina and Chlorella tablets which provide you with tons of vitamins and minerals that act as a multi-vitamin. Krill oil is also included which contains vital EPA and DHA for brain health plus not to mention it includes Shroom Tech Immune which aims to help your body keep your immune system ready at all times. The Day Pack: is meant to enhance neurotransmitter function, maintain cellular energy, nourish your bones and joints plus overall starting your day right with powerful nutrients. It includes one Alpha Brain pill, one Shroom Tech Sport pill, and a Stron Bone pill. Not to mention the other vitamins listed above. The Night Pack:  helps you set your body for a successful night of rest. It boosts your mood and serotonin levels, assists in your immune function, nourishes you while you sleep and last but not least provides ultimate relaxation and tranquility so you can get some great sleep! It includes a New Mood pill, plus a Vitamin C with Lysine pill, as well as the other vitamins listed above. One Total Primate Care pack lasts you for a full 30 days. You get a morning pack and a night pack each day. Check out this diagram below.

Why Should You Choose Total Primate Care?

I’ll first answer this with my personal experience. I chose to try this because it has everything already included that I would need on a daily basis to make sure my body is performing at optimal levels. You only have to buy it once a month; the pills are super easy to take and I don’t have to worry about 30 bottles of random vitamins laying around my condo. Also not to forget, buying the TPC pack is way cheaper than buying all of these items separately. 

Last Thoughts

I’ve used the TPC pack for about 8 months now, and I can’t imagine life without it anymore. It really does have a positive effect. I sleep better at night, wake up feeling refreshed which in turn makes my day a hell of a lot better. Also, I like the fact this includes pretty much everything I need during my entire active day to keep me going, plus help me get to sleep.  

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