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Whilst exercise and physical activity is essential when it comes to general health, fitness, and overall well-being, many of you will probably agree that doing the same exercises using the same equipment, week in and week out quickly becomes dull and boring. As a result of this, more and more of us are trying new methods of training and are using more pieces of equipment whilst we exercise, and are reaping the rewards. One piece of equipment that is generating a lot of buzz in the health and fitness community is the Onnit steel mace, and because of this, we’re going to take a better look at this piece of equipment right now, to see what all the fuss is about.  

What are Onnit steel maces?

Onnit Steel Mace When you think of maces, you probably think of weapons used by knights during the medieval period, and if you do, you’re pretty much right on the money. These maces however, aren’t designed to be used as weapons, they’re designed to improve your health, your fitness, and your physique as they’re very effective workout tools. They come in 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 lb sizes and basically look just like long metal clubs with a rounded ball on one end. Due to the heavy weight on one end, the weight displacement is very disproportionate which is why these maces are so effective when it comes to core strength and conditioning. The maces are crafted from top quality steel and are coated in a chip and rust resistant black finish to give them a sleek and stylish look.

How are they used and what makes them so beneficial?

For anybody that is looking for a slightly less conventional way of improving their functional core strength, onnit steel maces are absolutely ideal. You can perform a variety of different exercises using them, pretty much anywhere with a relatively open amount of space. These maces are deliberately designed to be as off-balance as possible, so that more stabilizer muscles are incorporated during each exercise. Popular exercises performed using these maces include:

Grave diggers

If you ignore the slightly foreboding name, grave diggers are fantastic exercises for when it comes to strengthening your core and burning calories. You basically grip the mace as if it was a spade, and then mimic the action of digging a hole in the ground.

Sledge hammers

Sledge hammers and huge rubber tires are now a common sight in many gyms all over the world, yet the problem with sledge hammers, is due to their square heads, upon impact, the weight displacement can potentially damage your wrist. The rounded head of steel maces however, displaces the weight and the impact of the blow safely, which in turn helps to protect the wrists and other joints. To use steel maces in this manner, you basically replace the sledge hammer with the steel mace of choice.

Things to consider before Onnit Buying Steel Maces

You may think that the weight of these maces is not very much at all, but always start out with a lighter weight and see how well you get on. Using these pieces of equipment is awkward for beginners, and is far harder than you may have realized. For this reason, many people often find that the 7lb mace is more than enough for their workout requirements. Even adjusting your grip from a wide grip to a narrow grip can make a heck of a difference.  

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